Common Home Security Myths

Most break-ins happen during the night. This common misconception is VERY wrong! The vast majority of break-ins and residential burglaries happen during the day. While the statistics say that a residential burglary happens every 15 seconds, the truth is that the vast majority are concentrated in the daytime for one very simple reason: nobody is home! A criminal wants not to get caught more than anything, and therefore will targets home where nobody is around for many hours at a time during the day. Therefore, it is not only vital to utilize a home security system at night but while away from home. While the general nightmare involves someone breaking in in the dead of the night, the truth is a homeowner is far more likely to return home after a hard day at the office to a home completely ravaged by a burglar.

Smoke detectors are adequate fire safety devices on their own. Almost all homeowners today understand the importance of installing smoke detectors, but how many accompany their smoke detectors with the means to combat or escape a fire effectively? Alerting family members that the home is on fire with such an alarm is a great start to a good fire safety routine, but the safety conscious homeowner will also think about stage two. Items like fire safety ladders will be required for any second story rooms of the home, fire blankets and fire extinguishers should be placed around the house, and all family members should know how to call for help either via a phone or a monitored home security system. The truth is that smoke alarms are simply one important part of an entire fire safety system.

There’s nothing in the house a burglar would want anyway. Many homeowners tell themselves that they simply don’t have anything worth stealing, so there is no need to worry about security at home. This attitude is absolutely wrong. For starters, the average thief isn’t aspiring to rubies and diamonds or bricks of gold, today, the average thief is looking for small electronics that are easy to resell, like iPods, cell phones, DVD players, DVDs, laptop computers and more. Next, the average criminal will look for things like petty cash, prescription medications, weapons, and even personal documents which can be sold for use in identity thefts. Just because you aren’t keeping up with the Jones’s doesn’t mean your home isn’t the perfect home to rob. The perfect home to rob is simply one with no home security features!

Security devices are hard to install and require special knowledge and tools. In fact, today’s wireless alarms and cameras are easier than ever to install. There are usually no wires to run, and no holes to cut in your wall. DIY enthusiasts will find it easy to install wireless home security features. Improving your home security is a great weekend project!

Nothing ever happens in my neighborhood. No matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, remember that people travel! Just because your neighbors are old family friends doesn’t mean someone from out of town might not drop by. Remember, not every intruder is after material goods, some wish to cause harm to the residents of the home. These actions are often part of a psychological condition which causes the individual to act without reason, or without thinking of consequence or morality. Don’t leave your family’s security up to chance, no matter where you live! At least install excellent door and window locks, and use them!

Home alarm systems are expensive and a waste of money. While whole-house alarm systems can be pricey depending on the size and layout of your home, there are plenty of other options for protecting your home. Setting up such security in your home doesn’t have to be expensive, making it a great option even for those who don’t have a mansion to protect. Door and window alarms, dummy surveillance cameras, and other devices can be installed for well under $100. These devices don’t require paying a monthly fee to an alarm company. Plus, think about the risk of not protecting your home – is having to replace all of your belongings worth skimping on home security? Your security should never be measured regarding money.

An alarm system is enough security. Security is all about layers. Don’t count on an alarm to keep a burglar out, but rather as one important line of defense amongst many that will keep you and your loved ones safe from harm.